1. Ruth Sullivan1's Avatar
    My phone had trouble with dropped calls so T-mobile replaced my sim card a couple days ago. My battery drains fast now and my phone is hot a lot. This morning my phone was fully charged at 9:20 by 11:00 my phone is down to 57% even though I haven't been using it. It is only on idle. A large percentage of my battery drain is coming from Android OS and com.tmobile.pr.adapt, but my device is not rooted. This problem started after I switched sim cards. I've tried restarting and a soft reset, but am still having trouble. Any suggestions or anyone having similar problems?
    09-03-2015 10:14 AM
  2. razza1987's Avatar
    Have you tried taking the sim card out and putting it back in the device?
    09-03-2015 10:16 AM
  3. MilitantRabbit's Avatar
    I'd go back to T-Mobile and have them diagnose the phone. Back your phone up through Smart Switch for Windows (or Mac, if that's your bag) before you go just in case you need to swap hardware at the store. Sounds like your phone is having trouble translating the PRL (Preferred Roaming List). It automatically updates on 4G phones. T-Mobile should be able to reset that without wiping out your phone's memory. If that doesn't alleviate it, new hardware may be needed.
    09-03-2015 10:20 AM
  4. Ruth Sullivan1's Avatar
    I did take out sim card and put it back in. T-Mobile said next time I came in, they would probably have to do a hard reset since within 3 months of getting my phone it has randomly crashed 3 times.
    09-03-2015 10:26 AM
  5. goober84's Avatar
    My T-Mobile S6 was doing the exact same thing and after trying many different things I found it was the T-Mobile visual voice-mail app that was causing the drain and not allowing my phone to ever motor down to conserve energy. I went in, cleared the app cache and force stopped it and my phone is back to the good (well, good for an S6) battery life.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-03-2015 11:12 AM

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