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    I updated my s6 on 08/29/2015, and the next day I noticed that my internet browsers were not working. I called sprint and they tried to troubleshoot with me by using doing ##72786#, soft reset, and finally factory reset and still did not work. I finally took it to a repair center (sprint) since I have insurance for it. They rep stated that they are aware of the issue with other complaints on the sprint forum and that the only solution was to move it to CDMA and it would work. I was able to use the internet browsers after this was moved, and was told that I had to wait for Samsung to come out with a update to fix the issue. I know it not out network because my husbands s4 works just fine and he able to use 4 LTE just fine.

    I called Samsung and was told that they do not send the updates for the phone and to call sprint with the issue. I am so frustrated I'm this close to throwing my phone against the wall. Sprint and Samsung keep pointing fingers at each other while I have a phone that will not work properly after the update. Samsung told me to send it in since it is still covered under warranty, which I did.

    In the mean time I am using my old s3 until the repair is being performed on my s6. The old s3 was activated and it asked for an update, so I did. Well now it is having the same issues with using LTE/CDMA. Again the only solution that works is moving to CDMA. They rep and Samsung tried the same troubleshooting as my s6 and but didn't work. Any one else having issue with this after the most recent update?
    09-06-2015 07:22 PM

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