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    Why is this?

    I'm using a Verizon S6 on TMobile prepaid. Before the change over, except for the battery draining after 5.1.1 update, no issues.

    Well, at first I had to find a working APN setting with TMobile. I wasn't able to send or receive any pics in messages. I would just see a download button, but it wouldn't download. When I tried to send, it will just keep showing "sending". Found a new setting and couldn't use Verizon Message+ app. Wouldn't work. But using the stock Samsung Messages app, I could send and receive MMS without issues.

    Well, 3 days later, today. I received a couple of pics from other people and they are now in group conversation. It shows me and the sender. If I respond to this thread, it even shows my response twice.

    Ive cleared cache in Messages app, and phone. I dont remember installing anything new since. Ive delete message threads. Ive tried multiple people with same issue. When I initiate by sending a pic, the other person only sees it like how it should be.

    Anyone ever encounter this before?

    Ive also notice a weird syncing issue with my exchange email. Sometimes it will show its synced, but email listing will actually be older for some reason. Doesn't seem to effect my other email account. Using whatever th phone came with.
    09-07-2015 12:48 AM

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