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    I've had my S6 since launch, and it's my first Samsung phone since the Galaxy Nexus. I love the camera, fit and finish, fingerprint reader, and the gorgeous screen.

    But quite frankly, the phone sometimes runs like it's running an ancient Intel Pentium CPU inside. It's especially apparent when I ask the phone to do multiple things at once, which was supposed to be the a strength of having an octacore processor wasn't it? Some apps seem to be much worse offenders than others.

    For example, if I run Google Play Music on my S6 and stream to my Big Jambox speaker via Bluetooth, the phone will literally perform as if it were a 5 year old with 512 MB of ram. Switching between apps and opening apps generates a 10-20 second delay. Sometimes they don't even open. In fact, I handed my phone to a friend who still rocks a Nexus 5 and told him use this phone for a few minutes and tell me what you think of the performance. He became quote frustrated within 2 minutes wehn he tried to open Hangouts and a blank screen appeared for 30 seconds until the app appeared, and performing a Chrome search took over 20 seconds for the app to appear and for the keyboard to pop-up. He was shocked at how poorly the phone performed for being a $700 flagship device.

    Things will usually improve if I reboot the phone, but after about a day or two, poor performance will creep in again. A factory reset will ensure a few days extra of speedier performance, but again the slowness will creep-in over time. Oddly the phone performs better in the morning, and I'm not sure why. When I first bought the phone, double-pressing the Home button almost instantly opened the Camera app, now even that can take from 1-5 seconds depending what time of day it is and what state the phone is in at the moment.

    It's quite frustrating that this phone had a lot of potential. When I first bought it the battery life was, and still is, mediocre but the performance was stellar. Everything moved blazing fast and apps could be opened switched to instantly. But over time this has slowed. Not sure if it's the apps I have installed or my configuration but I am starting to wonder what's the point of an octacore processor if I can't even stream music and browse the web at the same time...
    09-08-2015 01:15 PM

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