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    I've had my 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge for a few days now, and I've come across several issues regarding specific software design choices - some of which are unique to the S6 Edge, while others I feel are down to Android Lollipop (v5.1.1). Many of the changes from KitKat to Lollipop feel unnecessary, and there are several instances where features found in earlier versions are missing or do not operate in the same way

    Below I will list the nine major issues I have experienced with my S6 Edge, which I feel could be improved. Some are just personal preferences, while others are features we have been used to in the last few software versions, and which I feel should not have been changed.

    1) Central button and Menu Key operations switched - For some reason or another, somebody thought it would be a great idea to switch how the central button and left Menu button operate. This is perhaps the biggest change I noticed straight away, and also the one which frustrates me the most! There was no reason to mess with this after six years, and I would like to see these buttons switched back! Alternatively, an option to switch back to the "classic" style

    2) eMail client - Probably my most used feature of my phone, the eMail client on the S6 Edge (Lollipop v5.1.1) is terrible compared to that of previous Android versions like KitKat and JellyBean. The white and grey colourscheme is not great, and makes the client unusable (why is there no option to change the colours to dark?), and there doesn't seem to be an option to select multiple eMails at once! Two huge oversights! There was nothing wrong with the KitKat eMail client user interface, and I get the impression that it was only changed for the sake of change. A step in the wrong direction here I feel.

    3) Night Clock - A clock on the S6 Edge screen. A great idea! Saves battery power, and means we can have a clock visible all the time. But wait - some bright spark decided that you can only use this feature at night! WHY!? Why is this not a permanent feature available for 24 hours of the day?

    Also, why is there no option to choose its position? The only option available is left or right. Wow! I would prefer an option to be able to centralise the information displayed on the S6 Edge screen, as it appears to be off-centre!

    4) Volume settings - Why do Music, Video, and Games not all have separate volume options? After all these years and we still have to suffer having to turn the music volume up, and volume back down whenever we want to watch a YouTube video or play a game. It's about time Google implemented this distinction between different kinds of media!

    5) Music Player - Not too keen on the new Music Player design, and much prefer the version as seen with KitKat. Another case of "if it ain't broke...", but they fiddled with it anyway! I would very much like an option to view track titles only without the artwork taking up valuable space in the left column. There's so much unnecessary wasted space with this new-look Music Player UI, and I just want to view a list of track titles, and preferably more than seven on screen at once!

    6) Home screen swiping - Why can't we swipe to the left!? Why can't we cycle through our home screens like before? Instead a conscious decision was made to add Flipboard to the left, rather than allowing us to quickly flick in the opposite direction! I would like to see a return to the way things were, as it frustrates the hell out of me having to flick in just one direction!

    7) Lock Screen - Gone is the cool ripple effect, replaced by a not so effective bubble effect. Why remove the old effect? Was there any need to replace it outright, rather than just giving us an additional choice? Would like to see the old ripple effect return as an option. It would also be nice to be able to set a personalised audio sound / tone to the unlock, rather than sounding like a wet fart in a bath

    Also gone are the lock screen app shortcuts, with only Camera and Phone being the only two which can be selected by default, with no option to change these. I guess this has been replaced by the S6 Edge "Apps Edge" feature, which is a reasonable compromise I guess

    8) Menu & Back keys - No option to keep the Menu or Back keys lit up, like on older software versions. Would like to see this option re-added

    9) Camera - There seriously needs to be an option to turn off certain sensors for taking a snap, especially that selfie sensor on the back of the handset! Why is there no option to turn this sensor off?
    09-09-2015 08:15 PM

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