1. Mike McQuaid's Avatar
    I am going to be sending my phone back to Samsung. My battery sucks, with medium use, I need to charge 2-3 times a day and also constantly losing Bluetooth connection to my car.

    Has anyone had to send theirs back yet? If so, what was the result.

    P.S. since I am sending back, I am currently using my HTC One M8 GPE and loving it. Forgot what it was like to get over a day and hours upon hours of SOT!!!

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    09-15-2015 06:35 PM
  2. aokusman1's Avatar
    I sent mine in on sep 1st due to the screen not rotating. Expecting it back tomorrow. Good luck, Samsung service is the worst. Pray the don't claim your device was water damaged.

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    09-15-2015 08:59 PM
  3. Mike McQuaid's Avatar
    It's already been a nightmare dealing with them. Thanks for the heads up in the "water damage" I'll be sure to take photos of my device contacts before mailing it off to shown no green corrosion.


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    09-15-2015 09:08 PM

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