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    Hello all, my wife early last week started having the problem of not being able to receive texts. She can send them fine, just can't receive them. I get every msg she sends to me but she gets none that I send back or that any one sends for that matter. After 3 or 4 days she receive all the ones sent to her but then it stops working again a few hours later.

    Things I've tried:
    I've tried numerous texting apps including the default one on the S6 and Verizon's Message+.

    I've done a factory reset.

    We took it to verizon store and they tried a different sim card and a few other things. After none of them worked they sent us a new phone.

    Well she receives new phone today and still has the exact same problem.

    So evidently it's a problem on Verizon's end and not with the phone. Anybody here have any other suggestions to try?

    EDIT: BTW, not sure what's up with the title but it's suppose to say "Wife not receiving texts on S6"
    09-16-2015 12:25 PM
  2. bbtkd's Avatar
    I don't know about your receiving of texts issue, but to answer your question in the title of the thread "Why aren't I receiving text on my S6 over wifi?", texts don't go by IP stream so don't depend on your Wifi or your carrier data plan. Texts go via the data stream associated with your voice channel, in the case of Verizon, CDMA. That's the reason they are so flakey in general - they are low priority traffic as compared to voice streams and housekeeping data.
    09-16-2015 08:29 PM
  3. Jeffrey99's Avatar
    I'm not really sure what's going on with title, both when I posted and when I edit know it says title is "Wife not receiving texts on S6". My question has nothing to do about wifi.
    09-17-2015 05:12 AM

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