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    Hello everyone, this will be a little long so excuse me.

    Two days ago, i dropped my samsung galaxy s5 and broke the screen. now when i push the power button, i hear the welcome/start sounds, but theres nothing on the screen. its all black.
    so i had to buy a new phone, i decided to buy a s6, and got it.
    using cloud services, i restored most of my data. still i need some stuff from my old backups.
    i cant use the smart switch app bcause of the condition of my old phone.
    When i connect the s6 to my desktop computer (where i stored my old backups from my note 2, s4 and s5) it cant find any backup.
    i try to find manually, but even though i show the programme the folders, i think it needs to find a specific type of file to see those as a restorable backup. i cant seem to start the process.
    anyway i need help please.

    my other question s are:
    1- i m experiencing lagging in a game(magic rush heroes) its a very simple game, and even my s5 wanst lagging. is this normal?
    2- the phone restarted itself suddenly twice (i installed nova launcher maybe it has to do something with it.)

    thanks a lot, all the help is appreciated.
    09-16-2015 05:23 PM
  2. bbtkd's Avatar
    First, get files off your S5 by connecting it to your PC via USB cable, then using file explorer. You can't get all of your files, but should be able to get pictures, audio files, videos, and some app data.

    Lagging is not normal, but a lot of things could cause it, notably the apps you install. Nova launcher does not typically cause reboots, though I suppose it could be reacting to some unique app or setting. Might try clearing system cache to see if it helps either problem.
    09-16-2015 07:06 PM

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