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    I am getting a galaxy mainly for gaming purposes, and I like to run emulators such as PSX and Dolphin, I want to know if it is worth getting S6 edge plus for this purpose? As far as I know the only improvement the edge plus had is the extra 1 gb of ram, will it make for a better performance for gaming and running gaming emulators than the regular S6? I mean I can save more money by buying just the regular S6 if the performance is only slightly better on the edge plus, I mean the processor is the same on both phones, it's just that the edge plus has an extra 1gb of ram, right? Does that extra gb of ram improve gaming performance at all? Or should I save money by getting the regular S6? Because I thought newer phone is more powerful so I thought the edge plus is better for gaming, thanks for your answers.
    09-23-2015 07:02 PM

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