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    I recently posted this in "Ask a Question" but I wasn't happy with the answer I got and couldn't reply to that post anymore.

    I have recently bought a BRAND NEW Samsung S6. After installing just one app, ONE APP ONLY (Simpsons: Tapped Out) I noticed there was some audio lag between the time you click something and until the sound actually plays. A slight audio latency issue which I am picking up on. This NEVER happened with the same app on my iphone 4.

    I have installed another app (Clash of Clans) and the same thing has happened. Audio delay whenever I click something.

    When I write an sms the sound from typing seems to be spot on, so I assume this must be relating to the games only (although I do notice it too when clicking some things on the home screen too).

    1. I have tried to change the media player in the developer options. This did nothing.

    2. It was suggested that this could be a conflict of apps. Remember, this is a brand new phone, and no other apps have been installed apart from the ones I am having issues with. So I doubt that is the issue.

    Is there anyway to fix this? Does anyone else notice this problem? Is there a problem with Samsung or Android? Is the app just not as good on Android as it is on the iphones? Is there a problem with my phone and should I be taking it back?

    I was hoping to get all positive experiences going from iphone to Samsung. I hope I don't regret this decision!
    10-04-2015 09:03 PM

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