1. Terry Ware's Avatar
    I'm having Outlook 2010 and Galaxy S6 sync problems (which doesn't seem rare.) I've tried two apps:
    Android-Sync - can't get it installed. (Sent error log to their tech support.).

    AkrutoSync - doesn't update changes in Outlook. When I hit "sync now" the edited contacts say "synched" at current time, but nothing changes. ALSO: All calendar events are doubled.

    I believe that many of the problems have to do with MS and Android conflicts. I'm hoping that MS starts playing ball. Right now, I'm using trial versions of both of the above and don't want to lay down my money with these results.

    Anyone have solutions?
    10-12-2015 12:39 PM
  2. Gary_Berg's Avatar
    I use gsyncit with good luck. Can sync contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks. Trial will sync a small number of items, I think.
    10-12-2015 12:48 PM
  3. Terry Ware's Avatar
    Does it work directly with Outlook installed on PC and Galaxy? From what I can read about it (some negative reviews), everything talks about Outlook and Google Contacts. I've never used (nor want to) Google Contacts, Calendar, etc.
    10-12-2015 01:36 PM
  4. Terry Ware's Avatar
    I still cannot install Android-sync and tech support does not respond. I need any solution to syncing Outlook with Galaxy S6 Android's native Calendar, Contacts, Tasks apps. I did previous sync from iTunes (when moving from iPhone to Galaxy S6), and need these updated. Has anyone successfully overcome the Android-Sync installation (i.e. my PC does not recognize the Galaxy S6)? Ideally, I'd like a program that allows me to sync from my PC, gives me control to set "Outlook over-rides phones". (I tried Akruto-Sync but it would not update changes to contacts, created duplicate calendar events, etc.)

    10-15-2015 12:19 PM
  5. rpboronat's Avatar
    Has you tried the program "Nine"? I have it and it is one of the best

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    10-15-2015 12:23 PM
  6. Terry Ware's Avatar
    From my quick research, Nine appears to be designed for Exchange and Office 365. My Outlook 2010 is on my standalone PC. And I'd prefer not to migrate away from the Galaxy S6 native apps for Contacts, Calendar, etc.
    10-15-2015 01:00 PM
  7. Alan_Garnet's Avatar
    Hi Terry, Did you manage to solve this? I'm struggling with my new S6 work phone....
    11-11-2015 02:45 AM
  8. claykin's Avatar
    Best bet is to use Office365 or another MS Exchange service. $5/month and you'll have a 50GB mailbox with full outlook sync to your smartphone without the need to use kludgy 3rd party tools that rarely work well.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-11-2015 06:08 AM
  9. Terry Ware's Avatar
    I decided to go with CompanionLink for Outlook. I fairly satisfed with the software, but it costs around $45.
    11-15-2015 04:57 PM
  10. Gary_Berg's Avatar
    I have found gsyncit a more reliable way to sync Outlook calendar and contacts with GMAIL than CompanionLink. I've probably not used the most recent version of CL but it often would orphan a few calendar entries on my wife's busy calendar from time to time.
    11-15-2015 08:09 PM

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