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    On Friday evening last week on my Verizon s6 v5.1.1 phone, my back and recent apps buttons stopped working. After I played around with turning the device on and off, turning on the power and ultra power saving modes, clearing the cache in safe mode and nothing seemed to work.
    All of a sudden, while I was using the phone but not making any configuration changes, both of the buttons lit up but they still did not actually do anything. 2 hours later, both buttons started to work. They continued to work for the rest of the night and I was happy.
    I went to bed and Saturday morning woke up to the buttons not working and the lights are off again.

    The fact that the lights and buttons work at random seem to imply that the buttons themselves are fine hardware wise - it's a software bug/feature that is somehow disabling them.

    One of the forums said something about going to settings/display/touchscreen but there is no option for this.
    I checked the recent updates to the apps and didn't see anything obvious that could relate to this. There were 8 updates including google, google plus, photos and facebook - (I can't remember the rest and now I just have Google play music and Office365 A.dmin showing up)
    I could remove these apps but they would kind of remove any useful functionality for the phone and if there was an issue with the apps they would reappear when installed and the phone reupdated itself.

    I think my next step is to factory reset the phone and then go through the painful process of redownloading the apps again. Is there a recommended way of getting a snapshot backup of the phone in its current status so I could do a factory reset and if it still does not work then I could at least restore back to todays status and then look at getting the phone replaced?

    Any other recommendations for troubleshooting or solutions that other people have used?
    10-13-2015 05:31 AM
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    If your power saving mode kicked in it turns off the captive button lights to save power. For instance I have power saving mode ON (not ultra power saving mode) at 15% battery life. Try this, it worked for when this happened once. Go to settings, battery, turn on power saving mode if it's not already, then select "immediately" . Go out then go back into settings to the same screen and select the percentage you'd like power saving mode to start from (my example I have mine at 15%). Once I did that the lights started working again. Had this happen when the phone drained all the way to dead one time and even after I charged it up the power saving mode was somehow still enabled from when it hit 15% originally.
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    10-13-2015 05:10 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Another thing to check is if you have any screen dimming apps installed. These can also turn off the backlight for the capacitative buttons.
    10-13-2015 07:27 PM
  4. Absoblogginlutely's Avatar
    As a follow up as the original poster. I had checked all screen dimming, power saving options and all were disabled. Even enabled and then disabled them.
    Eventually I backed up the device with Samsung Smart Switch (stupid idea as it didn't recognise the restore point), backed up files and settings manually (thankfully) and then factory reset the phone - same problem.
    This led me to the conclusion, like others, that the buttons are physically dead.
    Verizon did replace the unit under warranty with a refurbished unit.
    10-29-2015 01:34 PM

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