01-06-2019 11:15 PM
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  1. monsteriitsss's Avatar
    I am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. No Messege+ or any of that stuff. Mic just randomly records and saves to files.

    What is this?!? Samsung fix this!!!
    11-02-2016 09:08 AM
  2. Jake w1's Avatar
    I am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. No Messege+ or any of that stuff. Mic just randomly records and saves to files.

    What is this?!? Samsung fix this!!!
    I have completely disabled the Verizon messenger app and the recordings have stopped for 3 days now. Will update in a few weeks. This seems to be the fix.
    11-04-2016 12:28 PM
  3. Nickles8189's Avatar
    My husband and I have both found these mysterious recordings on our S6 phones. My phone will randomly stay playing one of theseveral recordings when I turn on my car if it is set to Bluetooth and I don't have anything else playing. That was part of a NINE HOUR recording that I definitely did NOT do! Really creepy stuff. We've found recordings of personal conversations, confidential work conversations... I feel like my privacy has been invaded.
    11-19-2016 11:53 AM
  4. Hurrycanejohn's Avatar
    Hey Rick

    I've had my S6 for 8 months. Sprint is my carrier.....no strange, radom voice recordings on my phone.

    I wonder if the issue is related to a particular phone carrier or an app triggering the voice recorder?
    11-20-2016 06:41 AM
  5. Jamie Stone4's Avatar
    All that is in my audio file is some songs I downloaded onto it (Legally...I think).

    I'm in the UK so I have a different model to different countries. What country are you in with this phone?
    11-22-2016 11:42 AM
  6. Tomborden's Avatar
    I too noticed this by accident. I took my phone to Verizon and they were stumped. Said it must be an app. Could not identify the source. Did a factory reset. Worked for 1 day. Now it is recording my conversations at random. Some are phone calls, some are voice mails that I have deleted and most are just me having conversations with co-workers when I was not even using my phone. Scary stuff. Think I am getting a new phone.
    11-24-2016 06:42 PM
  7. Goatface77's Avatar
    I've had this Note 5 for a year or so and I just found several of these recordings just today. Me in the car, at work, watching TV, etc. I do use my phone a lot and in many different ways, but it's interesting that most of these are within the last 3-4 months. Did anyone find a fix for this other than a factory reset?! Super creepy, some of these are HOURS long!
    12-27-2016 12:20 AM
  8. tyacobel's Avatar
    I just found that this was happening and I have dozens of recording on my phone that I did not create. I have since disabled the permissions for microphones in all of my apps and disabled the Message+ App . Some of the recordings are at work, at home, in my car and some are hours long. This is really freaking me out!!
    01-18-2017 08:47 PM
  9. Dream512's Avatar
    I am having a similar issue except they are being stored in Google music app. 30 minutes of recording in one file and I wasn't even on my phone. I can hear my whole family celebrating christmas eve. I'm not happy about this.
    01-31-2017 04:22 PM
  10. Alana2017's Avatar
    Any updates? Just discovered a bunch of recordings on my phone...
    03-04-2017 11:00 PM
  11. Bryanchaynes's Avatar
    Yes I've been having the same problem so I decided to Google it for some answers. Just listening different post it seems that we maybe​ are being monitored for some reason because my phone locks after about 10 sec and the voice recorder is not on my home page so it's not something I'm doing by accident. And it must have something to do with Android because I don't have a Samsung but I've heard that the Samsung TV'S have cameras built into the screens which is why buy one
    04-08-2017 06:27 PM
  12. i_know_why's Avatar
    Short Version = #2
    #1 ) My mom recently had the same problem. Today, me and my mom found over 300 files saved in the camera roll of voice recordings at random times, more appearing just as we were sitting there deleting the old ones. They tarted a couple of days ago and ranged from 14 secons- 2 minutes of recordings recorded throughout the whole day. The "video" was black but the audio was clear, even featuring phone calls.
    It was today I noticed and pointed out that in the lower corner of the recording there was an internet link with a logo that looked like a maps pin. I recognized it and opened the app from my mom's phone. 3 days ago, my brother downloaded Find My Phone on my mom's samsung, and the logo of the app matched the logos on the recordings. I immediately uninstalled the app, and as the uninstall screen faded, a Voice Recording Logo popped up and disappeared from the screen simultaneously. After uninstalling, no more recordings have appeared (probably still happening, just not visible anymore). I would say "problem solved".

    #2 ) If you have find my phone, uninstall it. delete new recordings as they appear so you can pinpoint when they stop. Go through apps you don't need and uninstall, or put phone in safe made.
    08-05-2017 11:52 PM
  13. RavenStorm2501's Avatar
    I also have this issue, found it completely by accident last night when I wanted to record a sound, I looked and found saved recordings that I never did, some were 19 sec and one was 1h 32min. all of them I can barely hear any one talking but still bothers me it records on its own, I don't even have the voice record app on any of my main screens, I have to get to it by hitting the app button / Tools / then active the " Voice recorder" app.
    This is very disturbing and needs to be addressed, talk about invasion of your privacy!!!
    09-12-2017 08:19 AM
  14. FlaGurl36's Avatar
    For those who have samsung 6s, can you go into your "file" folder and check your audio files? Do you find a list of voice recordings (.amr) that you you never actually recorded? I found several of these files which appear to have been recorded without my knowledge of random conversations. Just curious to see how this could happen and if anyone else is experiencing it. I checked my husbands phone and he too has similar files.
    01-06-2019 11:10 PM
  15. FlaGurl36's Avatar
    I have a Android lg and have had 2 zte's and have had a Alactel and every single one has all did the same thing I've found exactly what u did not i ly that I've found that they have been keeping every single text I've texted Google that is . And I mean I found texts from up to a year ago they are keeping from the now cards and tags to in your settings u can go i to your accounts and at the very last row called fire indexing after u have put delevoper options on your phone will find your texts I mean every word to who when how what # and it will only say last action user unknown then u will see it shows all yr call every website every pic ever app what time it's fralong freaking down to where u visited last year to 5 min ago
    01-06-2019 11:15 PM
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