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    so my s6 has been doing this since i got it. called telus they said its samsung and there "working" on it. Kinda ****ty because i know its not me alone as my GF with the same phone has this issue too. They told me to switch from LTE to basic network as a temp fix but even then it still does it. wich is annoying because my GF is trying to find a new job and she hasent gotten one call back from anyone wich makes me think there getting this error too as it happens to me when i try to call my cell also.

    error is this: S06 number you have reached is not in service.

    it says that after it rings for 4 times. when it does ring for 4 times it does work on my phone but once it gets to the 4th time it says that. any suggestions? is cyanogen mod out for the s6 yet here in canada?
    12-02-2015 11:33 AM

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