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    ok so... when I received my S 6 brand new from tmobile, as i usually do, i looked to root it to uninstall all the bloatware that comes on the device. i felt it especially important to try and get back space once i found out samsung decided to exclude a microSD port for additional memory on this device. (to be honest, after finding out about this and the lack of a removable battery, i really wish i could just throw this phone in a lake and get a different device, but i'm now tied to it with an EIP for the next 24 months, BUT lets not digress)

    rooting it did not truly allow me to delete several of the features i wanted to get entirely off my device. what's worse, i was unaware that the new version of Android has a FRP lock system in place, and that upon rooting, i'd have to keep certain boxes checked. in an attempt to unroot it, i unchecked the box allowing the frp to be off (i guess) and when i restarted my device i got locked out as the binary was custom binary was blocked by the FRP. I was able flash a stock firmware onto my device, but i'm wondering if I have the wrong one, as now my device is constantly freezing, resetting itself, and having several things (often important ones) "unfortunately" stop running. i noticed on sammobile (where i downloaded the firmware to flash) there are several different PDA/CSC versions for Tmobile's S6 alone.

    2015-11-16 USA (T-Mobile) 5.1.1 G920TUVU3DOJ7 G920TTMB3DOJ7
    2015-11-16 USA (T-Mobile) 5.1.1 G920TUVU3DOI1 G920TTMB3DOI1
    2015-09-26 USA (T-Mobile) 5.1.1 G920TUVU2DOH6 G920TTMB2DOH6
    2015-09-10 USA (T-Mobile) 5.1.1 G920TUVU2COF8 G920TTMB2COF8
    2015-07-27 USA (T-Mobile) 5.1.1 G920TUVU2COF6 G920TTMB2COF6

    worst of all, the dang KNOX counter was triggered in the entire process so i likely can't just ask tmobile for a replacement.

    i'm wondering if may have picked the wrong one, and if there is a way to know which one is the RIGHT one for my device. i have a black 32GB (SM-G920T).
    12-04-2015 02:04 AM

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