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    I am currently using GS4 and now switching to a GS6.

    I use stock email app

    On GS4 there was a setting in the stock email app to show or not show the "message preview line"

    I don't see that in the GS6 settings? So on GS6 I have to see 3 lines for every email rather than just the title and sender like shows up on my GS4

    Any help on how to change it to 2 lines of display?

    Also while I'm at it, is it OK to use Samsung Smart Switch to migrate things over from the GS4 or could that introduce problems? I'm told that the phone will automatically seek an update to 5.1.1 once I get on wifi, so I'm thinking I let that happen, then do a full reset and wipe, and then try Smart Switch
    12-08-2015 02:30 PM

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