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    I have a Tylt Vu at home and at work, and they charge my phone relatively quickly from ~70% to 100% without issue daily in the case.

    The other day I put my phone on the home one at ~40% and picked it up hours later and it hadn't charged at all (probably lost a few %, I forget). I thought it was a fluke but yesterday I had the same thing at work when the battery was between 50-60%.

    I've seen the issue at home at the tylt vu charger stayed constant green like it was charging. Yesterday at work, it was blinking in loops in red and putting it in day dream (while plugged in) seemed to correct the issue. Daydream stops notifications from showing up though and isn't what I want. I like the ACDisplay app blinking notifications at me MotoX style, especially at work.

    So far when having the issue I've tried
    - rebooting the phone
    - rebooting the wireless charger
    - the vu charger has a proprietary cable, so I can't use the Samsung one on it
    - took phone out of case to ensure it wasn't a case issue
    - installed latest update from VZ (wifi calling one), just to say I have latest updates

    There is a this similar Note 5 thread without much resolution, but the forum won't let me post a link to it b/c my post count is too low

    Anyone have suggestions short of trying a variety of wireless chargers? Is there a daydream app that I can choose which notifications it will show me? I looked at dashclock and briefly at the appstore yesterday but didn't find something that fit the bill. I need to see Hangouts, Touchdown, etc.

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    12-09-2015 07:09 AM
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    It sounds like its just an issue with the charger going bad....you could try contact Tylt support.

    As far as an app for notifications though, check out Dynamic Notifications....it's designed to mimic the Moto X style. You can choose which apps will pop up and have them "breathe" like on the Moto.
    12-09-2015 09:24 AM
  3. Jpeezy33's Avatar
    Yea that sounds like issue with charger, I have wireless charger as well and it works great regardless of battery percentage.

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    12-09-2015 12:02 PM

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