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    Hello to all,

    I know this has been discussed in several areas, but it's driving me CRAZY!!! Let me set the parameters first.

    - I'm using Android 5.1.1 on Verizon with the latest Wifi calling update.
    - I use a Google Apps account for my contacts. I have several google accounts but only sync 1 contacts file out of them all.
    - I also have a facebook account which is also sync'd. I use these pictures when I don't have another or for contacts that I don't favorite.
    - I can go to my contacts area on my Google apps account and I can see a persons picture that I uploaded.
    - My S6 will show it, but RANDOMLY, it disappears.
    - I have 18 people as favorites. Right now, I cannot see 4 pictures. 3 of them have their first name letter in the circle, one of them looks like a silhouette outline of a picture. The odd one out DOES HAVE a picture in the Google Apps Account just like everyone else.
    - I can reset them, go to an image on my phone and plug in a new photo and it might stay for awhile, sometimes for good, but then another contact picture at random may disappear.

    On the phone number issue, I can pick up the phone, press a button to call someone, then it asks me to mark a default number, so I press it and continue on. I can call that person again an hour later and it's asking me again for the default number. Only contacts with one number work. The others that have multiple numbers do not. Frustrating

    I've reset my phone as suggested, wiped the internal cache as suggested, but the disappearing photos keep happening. It happened on my HTC One (previous phone) as well. Not sure what else to do here. Thanks in Advance!
    12-10-2015 06:15 PM

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