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    I just wanted to set up iheart .I work alot but now have time to learn and use more functions on my phone than texting and emails etc..ya I'm pretty bad no knowledge .I just want to put it out there b4 the laughter...so iheart directs me to my goggle for better and more options ..well 3 hours later and a few emails to them .I have a new goggle password on s6 went thru there security safety stuff and I'm easy I don't need iheart syned to my contacts I'm just saying easier the better..now I'm on my tablet looking into iheart and an email about change well it won't accept new password I did on s6...I gave up because its looking like back and forth password changes between s6 &tablet....all that stuff was synced b4.....whatanightmare

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    12-11-2015 01:25 PM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Welcome to AC.

    So... you installed I iHeart Radio. Are you saying you changed your Google password to login into your Google account? Did the app request that you do that?
    12-11-2015 01:55 PM
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    Your gmail/play store account is the same for both devices I'm assuming, like your tab isn't xyz@gmail and your phone xyz1@gmail correct? And when you installed it on the second device you didn't go to "my apps" at the play store to get it correct? Sometimes the play store will allow you to download apps even if they're not compatible and just because it shows in your my apps section of the PS doesn't mean it is compatible because it will show you all of your apps ever downloaded. Beyond those two things I see no reason that the app wouldn't work on both with the same credentials. Unless it only allows you to be logged into one device at a time??? I know apps like that but I wouldn't think this would be one.

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    12-11-2015 03:03 PM