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    Recently, I changed my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S6 from a Google Nexus 5. I'm very precise about how my music is arranged because I download them from what music I'm into at that time, so my most recent files would be the one I most likely would want to listen to from the moment I open the player. I used the Samsung Switch app that the phone recommended so it transferred all my contacts, phone logs, photos/videos, files and music, which made my life easier. However, it transferred my music in random order and no matter how much I tried to ignore it, I can't, because it REALLY BOTHERS THE HECK OUT OF ME. I've got 369 music files now and the only thing I could think of and that I'm doing right now (which I did when I was switching an older phone to the nexus 5) is to remove all the music files from the new phone and MANUALLY and PAINSTAKINGLY copy each file ONE BY ONE to the new phone in the order that I want. Can you imagine 369 files one by one????? What am I suppose to do when I change my phone in the future and I (for sure) have more than 369 music files I'd have to transfer????

    So, can anyone tell me an easier and more convenient way of transferring files in the order I want? I tried to look for another solution and another question but I don't think anyone has the answer.
    12-21-2015 02:22 PM

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