1. JohnCenaFan's Avatar
    Anyone else in beta Google play store cashing when buying apps

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    12-24-2015 08:28 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    When did you get Marshmallow on your S6? It hasn't been rolled out yet or is it that you are using a custom ROM?
    12-24-2015 08:59 AM
  3. Javier P's Avatar
    It seems there's a beta test running for S6 and S6 Edge. You need to download Galaxy Care from Play or Samsung store and then apply for it. But as far as I know the test is only available in South Korea and for a couple of local networks.
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    12-24-2015 09:10 AM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    I just read that the beta test is also running in the UK.

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    12-24-2015 09:54 AM
  5. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    12-24-2015 10:11 AM
  6. wezzyd's Avatar
    Yes but you need an unlocked model

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    12-24-2015 11:41 AM
  7. Javier P's Avatar
    And back to the OP question after a bit of thread hijacking

    I'm not sure if you are going to get much information about the beta test. I imagine that all beta tester had to sign some kind of confidentiality/non disclosure agreement. If not, and if you make part of it, tell us how is going.
    12-24-2015 12:14 PM
  8. Carlos Thwaites's Avatar
    I got the beta update lastnight in uk on galaxy s6 and after it rebooted after the install it went laggy for 1 minute then after that it was fine... really fast and fluid and up to now not had no problems. Battery seems better and not come across no bugs yet not even the play store bug your talking about. Love the update makes it feel like a new phone all over again

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    12-24-2015 01:29 PM
  9. Carlos Thwaites's Avatar

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    Attached Thumbnails S6 UK Mashmellow beta bug-34.jpg  
    12-24-2015 01:32 PM

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