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    I just upgraded to a S6 with 64 GB memory yesterday, I should have done it long ago.

    About 18 months ago, the service to my house suddenly dropped to unacceptable. I would average from 0 to 1 bar, and call quality was very broken or dropped. Since then I have relied on a Sprint Airave Internet Tower. It gives acceptable call service, but my phone has to be in CDMA only mode to access it. When I go out, I have to either use G3 data, or switch mode to LTE (Auto) and reboot. Then switch back to CDMA when I get home.

    Then I started running out of memory. I was constantly clearing data and deleting apps to keep it running. Sometimes it refused to download email until I cleared more memory. I now know this was a problem for many S4 users.

    Yes, I like the screen and speed of the S6. But most important, it solved my problems.

    After porting over all my apps and data, I still have almost 45 GB free.

    I still can't access the Airave in Auto mode, but it looks like I may not need it. All my calls since then have been crystal clear.

    As for bars, the S6 seems to work quite differently from the S4. It normally doesn't show any bars until I am in a call. Then I get 4-5 bars in my house.

    The salesman did tell me that all the phones have upgraded their radio technology since switching over to LTE.

    For 18 months I was convinced the problem was with the changed tower frequencies. All along, it was my phone being a Beta for the new technology.

    I just can't say how pleased I am with this phone.
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    12-31-2015 10:51 AM

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