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    Hey guys, I recently purchased a second hand Galaxy S6 (not an Edge variant) and I'm curious as to how exactly, I go about rooting it in order to unlock it. I remember rooting my S3 was relatively straight forward, but this seems a little more complex partly due to just how many options there are for all the different models.

    I'm on Android 5.1.1, and my build number is currently: LMY47X.G920FXXU3QOJF

    If anybody could point me towards a relevant guide or provide a little more information, that'd be awesome. Cheers!
    03-11-2016 02:41 PM
  2. casperf1's Avatar
    I managed to do it. For those who are curious, I used this guide: too much of a scrub to post links

    It illustrates exactly what to download based on your region and stuff. Make sure you've got your device drivers installed (also available on the website in the video) and you're good to go.

    Now, if anybody could give me some times on how to install some form of app that unlocks my phone, that'd be much appreciated.

    Edit: Apparently, I can't submit links, but the video in question was on a YouTube channel called 'Max Lee', and the video was title 'How to Root Galaxy S6/S6 Edge on Android 5.1.1!'

    Still could really do with some help unlocking!
    03-11-2016 10:04 PM

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