1. abdelfattahben's Avatar
    Hello Every one
    Does any of you have same freezing and rebooting phone especially for Galaxy s6 starting from the thursday 17 Mars 2016?
    did you fix it ? how ?
    did you have the Peel smart Remote app in your phone and updating it on 17/03/2016? does you phone work great after this update?!
    did you try to disable it and see what happen?
    my galaxy s6 start freezing and rebooting from 17/03/2016 even in the safe mode, i reset the phone to factory and it keep freezing for 5 or 6 time then its start working fine,
    i make the update to existing app and add same new apps and the phone back to freezing again, i reset it again and now it back to work, i check all the app that i have from my google play store and i found that the Peel smart remote have an update on 17/03/2016, also this peel remote app coming with the phone android OS so its keep running in the safe mode.
    so anyone can confirm my anticipation
    03-21-2016 02:29 PM

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