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    In the last month my S6 restarts or freezes randomly.
    I tried clearing the system cache through recovery and also some apps cache.
    removed all unnecessary apps and reset configuration to the very basic.
    It happens randomly and there is days where it would work perfectly.
    when it does begin with the restarting and freezing loop, I notice that it gets hot fast, not extremely hot but noticeably.
    (when its just starting with this behavior the phone is not really hot, but after it gets into these restart loops it does get hot)

    Besides factory reset I've done everything, I am trying to avoid the factory reset since I can't re-activate WhatsApp after the factory reset, since I am in a different country than where my sim card is registered, and don't have acess to SMS/CALLs.

    Is there any way to diagnose whats going on? log files? apps to diagnose problems?
    any tips for me before I send it in to the lab?

    03-26-2016 11:27 AM

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