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  1. pcumming's Avatar
    1. Galaxy S6 Verizon Marshmallow load of this site here: shows blue LOADING box and start up sound

    Whenever I bring up this site with Chrome OR Firefox on Android S6 with marshmallow the screen loads but I have a blue box in the center of screen that says LOADING. See attachment It does not go away. Nor does it load the rest of the screen,
    This happens in both browsers. If I disable pop-ups, same thing.If I request desktop site same thing but in different location.

    This freezes use of the site except for any other buttons that may appear above this message.
    I did clear cache/data and history for Chrome and Firefox
    I did several restarts.
    I did wipe the phone cache.
    Does not matter if Wifi is on or off
    Does not matter if Power saving is on or off


    NO big deal . Did not notice same LOADING box behavior yet on other sites.Not sure it happened n Lollipop.

    Also noticed (not a big deal) that the start up sounds are now gone with Marshmallow. Only can get back by routing I read on XDA forum

    Thanks for any feedback
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy S6 Marshmallow load of shows blue LOADING box and start up sound-screenshot_20160401-171946.jpg  
    04-01-2016 04:24 PM
  2. green mtns rider's Avatar
    I got this as well while looking for a fix for the double lock screen issue i mentioned in another thread.
    04-01-2016 10:08 PM
  3. pcumming's Avatar
    Thanks Green MTN. Nice t know it can be duplicated.

    I also noticed they changed a Chrome setting to enable or disable tabs so that it shows a number of screens open at top right of Chrome. I enabled or disabled (forget this) and it went back to old behavior. BUT now it shows the screens pretty much on top of each other when you go touch the left most button on phone. But you can spread them out with your finger.

    ****Have you noticed the sensitivity of the buttons on screens requiring more pressure now?

    I had my Visual Voicemail go out afterwards and I had to call Verizon which took about 20 mins to correct some how.
    In this version Verizon can actually get into your phone remotely with your permission

    04-02-2016 07:55 AM

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