1. Andy Bell's Avatar

    Anyone know how to block existing contacts on Marshmallow for the GS6? I can't seem to find the option anymore.

    04-08-2016 06:37 AM
  2. lucianus_luciferus's Avatar
    block them from calling you? texting you? dropping in unannounced?
    04-08-2016 07:18 PM
  3. Jimmy Le1's Avatar
    I normally just dial that number and click stop .
    Then go to resent call list .. click on that number and click more ..:
    you will see "Add to block list"

    I hope it helps ..
    04-08-2016 07:43 PM
  4. Denisew 1972's Avatar
    Go to Phone, (right to corner) more, settings, call blocking, block list then add the number. Or download Mr. Number from Google play store if your looking for an app that'll do it also.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-09-2016 11:28 AM

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