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    I bought a new phone last Saturday so I have had it less than a week. It's now driving me nuts. Yesterday I took it out of my pocket to find a text message titled receipt. It told me I have subscribed to playoosh at £4.50 per week and have to text stop to 89365 or ring 02037509078. This happened whilst in my pocket with a screenlock on! I phoned 02 they advised me to check my bill when I get it and said they will investigate if I have been charged. Today I got my phone out to use and it has two mini screens shots floating around on the screen. It will let me move them and stack them but not delete them, they are SO ANNOYING. I have tried go googling it and it says it's something to do with a peel app update and to disable it. I have no idea what the peel app is but have disabled it but it has made no difference. Phoned 02 they said they have never heard of it and I either do a hard reset which I don't want to do or take it to an 02 guru on the weekend which I am now doing, but would really rather not have my weekend family time spent in an 02 shop again. Has anyone any ideas how can so much be wrong in less than a week? Is it a duff phone or me?!
    04-14-2016 11:04 AM
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    If you are on Marshmallow there is an option in Display and Wallpaper called Keep Screen Turned Off, it is supposed to keep your screen from turning on if it is in your pocket or in a bag. It seems to work very good for me.
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    04-14-2016 04:18 PM
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    And you probably want to complain to phonepay plus about being subscriv=bed to a service you didn't want
    04-18-2016 10:32 AM
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    OP how in the world can one register and sign in from the pocket?

    From playoosh:
    To use our service you simply need to visit our page: p.playoosh.com/uk and register to the service. Once signed up you’ll get full access to our portal.
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    04-18-2016 02:00 PM
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    Same. This company is fraudulent and illegally operating by scamming people. They operate as playoosh / playbay / zombiegems - just a few of their scams.

    By inadvertently clicking a banner ad on a website via you mobile, you get whisked off to a dubious website that you'll undoubtedly try and close quickly because its a "pop-up". You can't close it quick enough, they subsequently read the mobile number and device model of your handset (information that the browser shares with websites) and subscribe you to their BS. You can call them, they will give you an email address to write to requesting a refund - of course the email domain they use isn't routable, all part of the smoke and mirrors to make them look legitimate.

    89365 is the SMS service centre/shortcode number that scammed me, this is run by a separate company that deals with SMS payment systems. Though they too are implicated for facilitating this.

    The contact number in my SMS is 02037509078 which you can call and speak to a person and ask them to unsubscribe you. They did this for me but told me I was being rude to them in my telephone manner! You can't make that up! They've stolen from me and they don't like my telephone manner? Not to mention the wasted time in dealing with this (out of principal).

    Three have credited the £20 stolen from me, but why should they honestly? Also note they say they cannot put a bar on premium services being charged to my account without barring international roaming too - which isn't workable for me. I don't want my mobile phone to be an extension to my bank account, sadly looks like I have no choice.

    You should also log a complaint about this number here:
    PhonepayPlus - The UK regulatory body for premium rate services - PhonepayPlus - enough complaints and they will be closed down.

    I've joined this site today to write this as when I googled the numbers it brought me here. This may just help someone else.

    Good luck
    06-01-2016 02:40 PM

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