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    Recently "upgraded" to the s6 from an s5. The only thing I like better about it is the camera. Anyway, I'm now spending too much time trying to find apps to replace the features of the s5 that came along with the phone. Recommended apps or other suggestions for the following please! Thanks!

    - Alarm clock to tell you (by voice) the time as it goes off
    - Alarm that can snooze for at least ten times
    - An app to tell you (by voice) whose calling
    - A floating toolbox
    - Calendar which you can add pictures/stickers to events
    - Do Not Disturb app that actually works
    - Same sounds as s5 (I really liked the whistle and the single pop)
    - A calendar widget on home screen
    - LED colors selection to set for notifications of individual apps
    - More notification sound/vibration options (I want sounds for some notifications, but not for others... Seems like you can only have one or the other)
    05-05-2016 10:43 AM

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