1. jerrygeneallenjr's Avatar
    yes I was wondering on my Samsung galaxy s6 it wont let me find out the exact date things was viewed on browser history like it will say 7 months ago or longer but where can I find the exact date things was viewed

    another question is since my phone has never been factory reset is there a way I can hook it to online with usb port and find all the sites that's been viewed on it and all of the pictures that's ever been on it that's been deleted

    and if I ask my cell phone company would they provide me with a list of all the websites that's been viewed from the time I got the phone until now
    05-18-2016 03:47 AM
  2. eclairey's Avatar
    Are you using a chrome browser? If so, you can sign in using your Google account and sync up everything so that you can view it on another Chrome browser on a computer. You can probably export your history from a computer more easily than from a smartphone.
    05-18-2016 04:58 AM

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