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    Problem: Samsung Galaxy S6 not charging via USB but able to access plugged external thumbdrive with micro-USB

    Day 1: Everything working fine.

    Day 2: Turned off phone after morning use because mobile phones were not allowed. Turned on phone in late afternoon and resumed normal/usual use through evening. Since I had the phone off the better part of the day, I was able to watch my videos via plugged thumbdrive until late evening hours.
    Then when plugged in for overnight charging, nothing.
    I experienced the grey battery with the lightening bolt and the main screen alerting "battery critically low" then shuts down.
    Troubleshooting by trying different outlet, usb-wall socket dongles, and usb cables. Never charged or recognized USB plugged into S6.
    Connecting to computer yielded nil results.

    Day 3: Repeated troubleshooting process and figure was S6 port at fault.
    Repeated Reset, and Wiping cache process. Even went as far to enter ODIN mode and exit.
    #9900# code does not work with S6 regardless of having Developer option accessible or not.
    Relocated to a Starbucks to attempt wireless recharge. That worked! Sitting here for few hours now waiting for wireless recharging to complete to 100%.

    Thus far attempted to replug-in both USB cables to computer but neither are acknowledged by S6 as compared to what usually happens: the USB icon pops up and ask option of connect for MTP (media transfer protocol) or PTP (photos transfer protocol).
    This means of course, I cannot even backup onto computer if I must factory reset.

    The problem restated:
    S6 not charging via USB port. Option to connect to PC/Mac via USB port is unavailable.
    BUT when connect a thumbdrive, with micro-USB connector, the USB icon pops up in Notification and the usual switch to accessing the thumbdrive is open.

    If S6 recognizes and allows access of thumbdrive connected by micro-USB, but does not recognize any USB cable whether plugged into a computer or power outlet, then does that mean the S6’s “power pin” is the only damaged item leaving just the “data pins” working?

    Update: When connecting USB cable with my portable battery, phone is recharging.
    In other words,*
    pocket battery <—> USB cable <-—> S6 * the phone charging

    So, for some reason, S6 is not recognizing the USB cable when connected to either a PC/Mac or the wall outlet.

    Advise, please, on how to restore, repair to S6 recognizing USB cable when connected to computer or wall power outlet AND assuming factory reset will not work.

    Thank you.
    07-06-2016 11:51 AM
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    It's strange that it's charging via pocket battery and not wall outlet. I'd guess it's a hardware issue, and therefore you won't be able to solve it using any software tricks.

    You can test this by placing it on a charging pad. You should be able to walk into the stores that carry Samsung products. Test out the charging. If it charges then you a) have a solution, and b) know it's the port. If it doesn't charge, then you know something is wrong with the battery or the software, but if you've done the reset, chances are it's not a software issue.
    07-06-2016 12:08 PM

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