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    Samsung S6 battery dead in morning on intermittent basis after being on Choetech QI Wireless charger overnight

    Have Samsung S6. Have Choetech QI Wireless charger with 3 coils. Great product
    -Had phone and wireless charger for over a year
    -Noticed 2x so far over last week that in the morning the S6 was completely dead on the wireless charger. Note I wireless charge every night.
    -Battery usage during the day is fine.
    -I put the phone on the charger each night, wait for the blue light, the chime and I go to bed.
    2 times thus far in the morning I have found the battery in the phone dead. I then charge via cable for faster charge.
    -I have most stock apps disabled or uninstalled on the phone that use a lot of memory, eg: Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, Milk Music and about 10 Other apps. Been this way for a year.

    **Do you think it is the phone battery, wireless charging capability of phone, or somehow wireless charger stops/pauses intermittently (does not restart) at night and battery goes to zero??

    Wireless charger has worked great for last year. I have done a wipe data cache. Hate to trade in phone if something simple. I do not know if there are any logs on the S6 I can review.
    I have some troubleshooting ideas but since this has only happened 2x in last week hard to find out quickly. Note phone is not in a case, no new apps have been added. It is running latest marshmallow update from Verizon in the US.
    My troubleshooting steps are to:
    1. Do not charge at night f and see if battery goes to zero. Not sure what that will tell me though
    2. Charge via same cable DIRECTLY connected to phone w/o wireless charger and see if battery 0% in morning
    3. I have a spare QI wireless charger (new). Try that with new cable and ac adapter and cable...

    Thanks for some advice.
    07-15-2016 08:36 AM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    1 is extremely valid. If your phone only looses a small percentage over night then that shows the device is working fine and the drainage has something to do with the wireless charging.
    I also think three is a good idea. Using a different charger over night for a week might also help you figure out if its that 3 coil unit or not.
    07-15-2016 09:58 AM

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