1. ripmyphone's Avatar
    Hey guys
    So a few hours ago my friend decided to use lucky patcher for google play wanting to see what happened and so of course it messed up.
    I decided to factory reset my phone hoping that "google play has stopped working" message would stop popping up.
    But even after I wiped the cache and factory reseted, the google play has stopped working message still pops up and I cannot advance from the "just a sec" message from the first time setup screen even though I waited an hour.
    Since my internet is slow, I just want to ask if there is a solution to this without flashing a new rom or downloading big updates since it might take me hours.
    08-26-2016 05:39 PM
  2. lucianus_luciferus's Avatar
    you will probably have to flash the rom again. that patcher has made irreversible changes unless it has an uninstall and restore option
    08-27-2016 05:07 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Sorry, but we don't allow discussions about Lucky Patcher. Thread closed.
    09-01-2017 08:19 PM

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