1. marilynjburton's Avatar
    This started happening about 3 days ago. When I type in a punctuation mark like a parenthesis or a quotation mark, the next letter I type changes to that same punctuation mark. Here's an example. If I were to type: Sam said "hello", as soon as I type the "h" in hello, I see the "h" for a split second and it suddenly changes to a quotation mark. So it reads like this: Sam said ""ello". If I back out the letters and leave only the first " and retype the h again, it does the same thing. The only way to fix it is to type: Sam said "hhello" then my phone shows this: Sam said ""hello". Then I have to go back and delete one of the extra beginning quotation marks. It does the same thing for a parenthesis. So if I were to type: It isn't far (about 2 miles.), I will see: It isn't far ((bout 2 miles.) So I have to type: It isn't far (aabout 2 miles.) Then it shows: It isn't far ((about 2 miles.) Then I have to go in and delete one of the extra parentheses.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them? I tried downloading another keyboard, but I didn't like it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    11-01-2016 05:32 PM
  2. D.P.G.'s Avatar
    Same thing is happening to me, seems limited to the stock email app. It began right after I did the last OTA update from Sprint about 3 day's ago. I admit it can be annoying, I don't have a fix I tried clearing the data from the Samsung Keyboard, wiping the cache and it is still happening.
    11-01-2016 06:37 PM
  3. Tim1954's Avatar
    Hey Marylin, there seems to be a glitch with Sammy phones, I'll find you the link and post it here...
    11-01-2016 11:11 PM
  4. Tim1954's Avatar
    11-01-2016 11:13 PM
  5. rodalfa's Avatar
    Seems Google (was responsible and) has solved the bug, the Beta version of Android System Webview in Play Store (v. 55.0.2883.36) is working fine with Samsung Keyboard again. The current version (54.0.2840.68) has the problem.
    11-03-2016 11:03 AM

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