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    Hey guys.
    I know there are probably tons of people on this forum with the same problem but i decided to make one more thread about this to get a bit more personal help.

    Anyway recently my samsung s6 lags badly when i have multiple chat head open in messenger. It doesnt always lag but when it does its really bad. Ive tried deleting apps i dont use, ive closed all other apps and tried to scan and clean my device, update everything possible but all to no avail.
    It has been going on for two months now and its driving me nuts.
    Im not sure what started this but i have a feeling it started when i updated the android system itself. Not entierly sure though.

    Im pushed to a point where i consider buying a new phone but its kinda poitless since other than the problem i just described the device itself is working perfectly.

    Do you guys have any other ideas i could try or should i just give up on this phone once and for all?
    02-04-2017 09:54 AM
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums!

    Facebook did send out some kind of announcement recently telling the public that their apps were draining batteries and that the way to fix this issue was to sign out and then re-log in. I know this is not your specific problem, but I find that logging in and out of Messenger often helps fix bugs for me. Try this and see what happens!
    02-04-2017 11:01 AM
  3. anon(826501)'s Avatar
    Hello, I'm assuming you are referring to Facebook Messenger and not Google Messenger. As you know Facebook and Facebook Messenger are big battery consumers. Although don't have the problem you are referring to, cause I don't use that app, I can point toward the concern of change the Galaxy S6 for a particular issue with just one app, a third party app that's NOT Samsung feature. I bought my Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB on May 2015. The BIg concern about the S6, in all Android Forums, was and is the battery . Not a big battery, but with some tweak here and there you can deal with it. Lots of people upload thread after thread regarding the battery at the well known Android Sites such as Android Central, Android Authority and XDA Developers.
    I bought a Google Pixel XL 128GB on October 2016. Big battery is a YES, no problems at all is a NO. Every phone is going to face up with some kind of issue. The Pixel don't run well third party apps such as SMS (text message apps), don't run well third party email apps. So I don't use my bought third party SMS and email apps cause that's the way the Pixel phone works. I was force to use Google Gmail app and Google Messenger SMS app. Of all the launchers I bought at Google Play Store only Nova Prime and Action Launcher Prime works more or less fine, cause Google want that the Pixel phone runs on the Pixel Launcher. This issue with a not so Open Google Android Platform is the reason that bothers me a lot. So, just change the Nano SIM Card to my Galaxy S6 and got some peace of mind weeks. Then change the Nano back to my Pixel just as a reminder that not everything that shines is gold.
    My humble advice to you is to use Chrome browser to access your Facebook account and see what's happening and uninstall the Facebook app. Don't think you can do this with Facebook Messenger app. My S6 is still a fast phone, no lags, running at AT&T. In the case that you really wants to keep install the Google Messenger app you got two options: go back to Galaxy S6 forums at the well known Android Sites , around April 2015 threads, and read and read to find some kind of fix for the Facebook Messenger app. The second one is WAIT, in a couple of months Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be out there, I think is coming with 64GB internal memory and an external memory card feature. It's going to have a SnapDragon 835 processor or the last Samsung Equinox processor. There will be two of them, go for the big one 6. 4 or more cause it will have the bigger battery capacity. That's the one I'm going to buy as soon it arrives at AT&T.
    My friend don't forget, there's no perfect phone. Everyone of us are different persons with different needs regarding mobile phones, social sites such as Facebook Messenger, different third party apps. I learn with my Pixel phone that getting the fast Platform Upgrades directly from Google is not all that I want in a phone. I want a USER FRIENDLY phone, and that for me is a Samsung Galaxy S6. I really hope that you can find peace of mind with Facebook Messenger app as I hope the Galaxy S8, the big one with the bigger battery, will bring joy an user's friendship to an old guy like me.
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    02-04-2017 12:04 PM

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