1. Spokendisease's Avatar
    I have the latest update. I frequently use the calculator in "pop up view" its been a few days since I last did it. I used to be able to swipe down diagonally from the top left corner and the default calculator app would reduce size and become able to float over other apps. I loved this feature. Now, it didn't always work perfectly because my case would be just a tad bit in the way. I might have to try a few times before it worked. Well, today it doesn't work at all anymore. I even took the case off. It won't work. I tried and tried and tried. I'm so tired of this phone acting up. I tried restarting a few times, and I even did a soft reset which is funny I found a spelling error in that mode or screen. Anyway, this phone has been giving me a really hard time and its one thing after another. I'm so frustrated. It's not even a year old and it looks brand new. Its kept in a case and there's no water damage. Just had the battery replaced by a samsung service center.

    Anyone else having issues?
    02-07-2017 05:54 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! The S6 is a very complex device, I must say, mine had never given me any trouble at all.. However, the usual go to the app, wipe its cache and force stop it. Turn off the device and wipe cache partition and reboot. Go into settings... Application... More.. Apps that can appear over... Make sure the calculator can overlay over other apps... Try that for a start. If that doesn't fix it, come back and we'll troubleshoot further 😊
    02-07-2017 08:38 PM
  3. Spokendisease's Avatar
    It's taken me an hour to try to sign into this website to reply to you. I'm beyond frustrated. The website kept saying my username and password was wrong over and over and over. So I made up a new one and tried that, same thing. I shut down my computer and reset the router. It was luckily logged in already when I came up here again. Sorry. I'm just so sick of needing my electronics to work and they seem to all fail me lately. It seems my laptop seems to be the most reliable but who knows for how much longer. I've been having issues with the Samsung phone, then some minor issues with an iphone 5 that replaced an ipod 5th gen that was driving me crazy, along with the pioneer radio in my car, the list just goes on. These devices are not cheap in price and yet they all seem to be rolled out too quickly and before bugs are worked out. Then when you try to find a solution the makers all blame someone else or something else, never anything useful.

    Anyway, after yet another call to Samsung, they seemed to not know what I was talking about on calculator pop up view, actually suggested that it might have gone bye bye on the last update and that I should drive to a best buy and try to do it on a phone that didn't have the update yet....Really??? They could not deny nor confirm that it used to exist or still did....I did find out it still occurs but there's a different way to do it now. I have to press the multi view (is that what it is called?) button on the left of the home button and then show the calculator and kind of drag it off to the side. I haven't mastered it yet but it does the same end result as the other method I mentioned in the original post.

    So I guess it's solved, sort of....

    I'm going to try to do stuff off the internet today so I don't take a hammer to my electronics....I usually treat my electronics very gingerly, but all the issues and one right after another and the makers seemingly don't know what's going on, well, I've had my fill for the past 3 weeks of trying to being patient......
    02-09-2017 09:02 AM
  4. lucianus_luciferus's Avatar
    settings, advanced features, popup view gesture
    02-13-2017 05:01 PM
  5. Spokendisease's Avatar
    settings, advanced features, popup view gesture
    Thank you! That fixed it! I can't believe Samsung didn't know about it.
    02-13-2017 05:36 PM

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