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    This is a problem I've been having for a very long time with this phone. I've seen it in several other models of phones too, though there wasn't a Samsung S6 related thread about it that I could find. In most of the cases I've read about, this random activation is caused by a poorly fitting headphone wire and for a long while, I thought that was my problem too. Well, I did, until my phone started doing this while connected to my car via bluetooth too.


    I believe this is 'voice search' not 'Ok Google' because when it does this, it's generally while I'm playing a podcast and it ends up searching for a word or phrase that was said on the podcast! The phone will stop the playback of my podcast and tell me it didn't understand what I just said or that it is looking for 'xxxx', a random phrase or word that was just uttered on my podcast playback. It also notice that, if I look at the phone when it does this, its screen says 'Listening'.

    I'm not touching the phone, there is nothing in the audio port, I didn't go over a bump (what used to activate it when I had speakers plugged in) and I'm not saying anything at all. It just seems to randomly decide to listen or look up some word that was said on my podcast. It isn't restricted to any one podcast nor does it happen at any particular word or phrase that I have noticed. (last time it tried to look up the word 'Anyways'. Seriously?) Most of the time it happens when I am driving, but that is also the time I'm most likely to be listening to podcasts.

    Does this sound at all familiar? It doesn't happen all that often, but my gods is it annoying! I'd love a suggestion or two on how to fix it for good.


    PS. - apologies if this has been posted before. I did a search and got lots of suggestions for other models of phones but not for this one. Their suggestions for a fix didn't give me much in the way of help since their menu options are different than the GS6's are. Hope I am not being too much of a noob.
    04-05-2017 01:54 PM

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