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    I purchased a Samsung galaxy 6 less than a year ago, recently it malfunctioned due to overheating. The phone lost all reception than continued to get so hot I couldn't hold it. It kept turning itself back on and overheating after about an hour of that it just turned off like it was dead. I waited 2 hours before I attempted to turn it on and it was dead, I left it for another 5 hours and then it turned on I quickly backed everything up and rang Samsung the following day. I explained everything they told me to send my phone in which I have done and now they are saying they wont even attempt to see what went wrong due to a crack in the screen which is not covered by warranty. They are returning my phone and said i have to replace the screen if i want them to check it which could cost up to $300.00, I don't know what to do does this sound right i didn't want them to fix the screen its not shattered its a crack. Does anyone know if that's ok for them to do that?
    04-06-2017 09:42 PM