1. eblackwell's Avatar
    I get this error on my phone: "The connected device is unable to access data on this phone." It tells me to disconnect my phone chord and plug back in which I did; no difference.

    Windows 7 on any device connects perfectly.

    Samsung driver is up to date. The phone is up to date. It's a brand new HP pavilion pc running Windows 10 Home 64 bit version. It's Android 7.0; using original Samsung cable.

    I also did the instructions in this forum such as going under Device Manager and updating the driver. That didn't work either.

    05-01-2017 09:57 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Are you trying to pull files from the phone to your PC?
    05-01-2017 10:05 AM
  3. eblackwell's Avatar
    Yes and vice versa.
    05-01-2017 07:45 PM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Something that is strange is Windows 7 doesn't do the same thing.

    On the W10 PC, plug in the S6. Pull the notification shade down to see all notifications. Look for one that says charging. Tap that and it should ask for other options to change to. Select file transfer. See if that connects to your PC.
    05-01-2017 08:39 PM
  5. lucianus_luciferus's Avatar
    if you can't get it to connect you can use an app like airdroid that works over wifi
    05-02-2017 02:57 PM
  6. eblackwell's Avatar
    I checked to make sure it said File Transfer. Still didn't connect.
    05-03-2017 01:23 PM
  7. eblackwell's Avatar
    Can anyone help me with this?
    05-26-2017 09:25 AM
  8. stmiranda's Avatar
    Silly question but is the phone unlocked? On my w10 system if the phone is not unlocked it will not connect.
    05-26-2017 12:21 PM

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