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    Hi. I know similar questions have been asked at least a thousand times but we all have slightly different needs, so please bear with me. I'd like to be able to use my S6 anywhere any time in any weather without having to worry about it too much. So the ideal would be a shock- and waterproof/resistant case. As photography is very important to me, the glass/plastic that covers the camera mustn't degrade IQ too much. When I walk/bike I like to have it attached to my belt, so I'd have to get a belt clip/case as well. And a wrist strap for more secure holding (in spite of the protection). And for kayaking I need a neckstrap. A waterproof case probably doesn't float so either I'd have to attach a piece of styrofoam to the strap or use a waterproof bag which would mean double protective layers, not sure I could use the phone through those (in an emergency). Right now I'm looking at Lifeproof Fre + wrist strap + Encased belt clip holster. The Lifeproof is kind of expensive but I've found an offer of 55€ incl delivery so ok. Grateful for any comments or suggestions.
    05-08-2017 08:17 AM

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