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    Nougat update effectively broke every customization and camera shortcut on my Galaxy S6. It also turned off my VPN based wifi hotspot app, stating hotspot not supported in this version.

    After a lot of experimenting, I had success doing a NON-ROOTED rollback to 6.0.1 When you complete this process be sure to turn off updates or Verizon will nag you continually to upgrade to Nougat. Here is how I did my Verizon S6 rollback to Marshmallow. BTW. This is non-supported and may not work for you, so have a backup plan in mind. I did not want to root my phone as I have old school unlimited everything plan from VZW and dont want them to ding me with tampering claim to void warranty! HA. #btwvzwsucks

    1. Get the latest ODIN - currently 3.125 Learn how to use ODIN via USB.
    2. Backup everything. Especially little used, important apps, photos, messages
    3. Get G920VVRU4CPC2 which is Verizon Marshmallow. Unzip on computer.
    4. Connect USB. Power off phone. Start recovery mode. Volume Up + Home + Power.
    5. ON power up select - Volume Up to enter recovery mode. Put down phone, dont touch.
    6. For the next few steps BE PATIENT.
    7. Start ODIN, it will connect to phone and ODIN console will display message ADDED!
    8. In ODIN console select AP box. Locate the unpacked file G920VVRU4CPC2 and select.
    9. ODIN will download to phone. This can take 30-45 minutes. You will see a completed message in the ODIN console.
    10. When you are sure its done loading. Disconnect USB. Power phone Off/On
    11. Android will unpack and install. Phone will restart numerous times. Allow 1-2 hours. This also includes Verizon red screen.
    12. My phone was in stiuck on the Verizon red screen for about 60 minutes. I turned off power with soft reset, Power + Volume Down together. When the phone restarted it was Marshmallow again, and began installing apps and backups. First thing you want to do when it comes back up is turn off software updates.

    Nougat is not for the S6, so hopefully you will not upgrade and have to deal with this misery.
    Also, I spoke to Verizon, their policy is that they will not help any customer rollback. You are on your own.
    05-09-2017 02:30 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Hi tmcgow, thanks for that info, there are a lot of unhappy ppl wanting to do just that, so you will get many visitors on this post. I'll also send anyone here who wants to do that... Thanks again!
    05-09-2017 08:51 PM

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