1. virtuouskate's Avatar
    This morning I couldn't the stock email app to check my email. I literally had not touched my phone since the last time I'd checked my email last night, when it worked fine.

    After a long process of elimination I finally gave up and answered a text message, at which point the damned Nougat update tricked me into installing it by popping up while I was typing and my fingers were moving too fast to stop before I'd tapped on "install now."

    So now I'm trying to find my way around an infuriating new operating system and I still can't check my email. It said sync was turned off, so I turned it on and it gave me some mumbo jumbo about Master Sync and Samsung Cloud.

    The end result is that apparently I can't check my email unless I'm on Wi-Fi, which I rarely ever am because 10gb of 4G LTE is plenty of data if I don't waste it on syncing things I don't need, and I can't find a way to change this. Frankly, I can't even find my way back to where I found this information! I also don't want to sync anything except my email. I don't want to sync my calendar, back my private photos up to a cloud server, share my every waking moment with Google, etc. I just want to read my email.

    Also, I realize this isn't related to my current question, but how do you turn off HD calling? I'm hard of hearing and the echoing and hissing are so bad I can't make out what the person is saying. Between the phone, the keyboard, the texting and the email, this update has rendered my phone virtually useless and I wish I knew enough about Android technology to go back to Lollipop!
    06-16-2017 02:40 PM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    stock samsung email app or gmail app? what email app are you using?

    Master sync and samsung cloud sounds like you were not in the right area of your phone and might be dealing with more then just email.
    06-16-2017 03:17 PM
  3. virtuouskate's Avatar
    Stock Samsung email app with 2 Yahoo email addresses. I got to the sync information through the account settings within the email app.

    I tried deleting both accounts from the app and now when I try to add an address to the app, I go through the usual process (it routes me through Yahoo's login, where I enter my password and then Yahoo welcomes me by name and tells me to accept their OpenID and OAuth terms and conditions). This is all normal.

    At this point it tries to download my email and I get an error that it's unable to set up my account because my username or password is incorrect or else I have not turned on IMAP/POP3 access for this account. I have verified that my information is correct. I can still download messages to my third-party app so clearly access is still enabled. The stock app is compatible with Yahoo's advanced security anyway, so I didn't have to enable anything.

    It will sync with my Gmail account, although it only downloaded 1 message and I've had more than just that one in the past 2 weeks, so it sounds like maybe a two-part problem.

    Edit: fixed typing errors. I also don't like the stock keyboard.
    06-16-2017 05:40 PM
  4. virtuouskate's Avatar
    I ended up solving this myself. I set up the accounts manually (something that wasn't possible before due to Yahoo's security--you HAD to log in through Yahoo's portal to set up). Samsung adds their name to the beginning of the incoming and outgoing server names (i.e. samsung.imap.mail.yahoo.com) and I took that part out. It appears to be working now.
    06-17-2017 08:49 AM
  5. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    I was not a big fan of the samsung stock email app a few years ago.
    I found that the yahoo mail app and the gmail app work great for their respective email addresses.
    06-19-2017 12:09 PM

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