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    So this issue just randomly started happening about a week ago. I Was at my partners house and the wifi was being lame so I assumed it was an issue with her internet. But no matter which wifi network I connect to it still has the same problem. It connects fine. But then if I try and load anything such as facebook/games etc it says no connection. If I load up chrome I get a "can not find dns server"

    Also both wifi networks were confirmed to be working fine. Connected my partners phone to both and also a laptop and both worked without issue.

    I Could live with it but I use a lot of data and my 4g limit is only 3gb which i've almost hit. So is this something I can get fixed easy or is it time to buy a new phone?
    07-12-2017 07:48 AM
  2. thoughtjunky's Avatar
    If you're able to connect to wifi but not the internet, it's probably a software problem so you shouldn't need a new phone.

    Clear your app cache, turn your phone off, boot into safe mode. If you still can't get it to work, back up your files and do a factory reset.
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    07-12-2017 08:21 AM
  3. smvim's Avatar
    Depending on which version of Android you're running you can alter the DNS addresses manually by just going into your Settings >> Wi-Fi, long-press on the WiFi network you're connected to (well in this case 'kinda' connected to), and find the advanced options menu. In a pinch a neutral public DNS to try is Google's pubic DNS (IPv4) so enter
    and see if your online access is back to normal again. There are also a number of DNS changer apps in the Play Store that might be more useful, like this one:

    Typically the source of most DNS issues are because of the ISP, as a lot of them do a horrible job at maintaining their own DNS services but since you did mention you ran into this issue on different networks that would indicate an issue that needs to be fixed on your phone. You also stated this started happening about a week ago so is there something that occurred around that same time that you can recall? A system update or did you install any kind of networking related app perhaps?
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    07-12-2017 12:48 PM
  4. AbiDee's Avatar
    Thank you both for the replies! This has been really annoying me for the past week but is now fixed thanks to thoughtjunkys advice! I Did try clearing the cache once already but it didn't work. But clearing again then booting into safe mode had wifi working fine, and it continued working after booting back to normal mode! Thank you so much!

    Also sorry smvim I never got to try your advice but I appreciate you trying to help me too!
    07-13-2017 09:07 AM

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