1. MaxPare's Avatar
    Let me explain.
    About 2-3 months ago i woke up and my galaxy s6 was completely dead,
    i tried booting in safe mode, dowload mode, i tired everything in my power but it just wouldn't turn on.
    I went to a chinese shop to get it checked out (it's not under warranty) and they said that the motherboard was kaput,
    so i just brought it home and put it in a drawer and forgot about it, and used some old galaxy fame i had laying around.

    Today i was looking for something else and came across the galaxy s6 again, so i thought to myself that i might aswell stick the charger in it, just for gigs, the phone is already trashed so why not try, and to my surprise i the LED turns on, but it's not red, like if it's charging, it's a white-purpleish color and its just stays there, no blinking or anything, i tried unplugging it and the led stays, wich leads me to believe that the battery and expecially motherboard actually aren't completely busted. I tried plugging it into my laptop but no responses, i even tried having ODIN open while plugging it in, but 0 response.

    This is what i see: https://imgur.com/2jVKaAR

    So i tried the usual troubleshooting:
    power button, power button + volume down + home button, power button + volume up + home button
    but nothing worked, i have googled a bit and haven't really found anything about this, so i suppose the purple led is some sort of "red ring of death" telling me the phone is just done for? (it is 2 years old and it has been used to s*** so i wouldn't be surprised.)

    update: i've fiddled around with the phone a bit more after writing this and i noticed it was getting a tiny bit warm, wich indicates either one of 2 things:
    -the battery is just fine and it's charging;
    -there is a short inside of the phone, wich is the cause of its death.

    Update2: i saw with the corner of my eye that the led changed color, so i turned around and saw that the led turned to a magenta color (again not the red charging led) and then just turned off completely, i guess it's beacause i charged it for 2 minutes and uplugged it right after.
    01-08-2018 11:07 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If the battery is completely dead (which I suspect t was) it would take an hour or so of pre-charging before it would actually begin to charge. Leave it on the charger overnight, then see if - while the charger is still plugged in - you can turn it on.

    If not, the motherboard may actually be shot.
    01-08-2018 12:38 PM

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