1. davies677's Avatar
    The setting to turn this off doesn't even work anymore and I cant even call without my screen shutting off because my head is too close to the sensor, its really annoying. My hand goes near the screen and it shuts off repeatably now. Any app or way to remove it at all?
    07-14-2018 10:28 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Move your hand up from the bottom of the screen? (I have mine set to work all the time, so when I'm not using the phone the screen is dark [not using any power] and the lock screen timer stops counting.)

    About the only thing you can do is have the sensor replaced (or removed, if you don't mind cheek-dialing). Or maybe one of these apps will allow you to turn the sensor off.
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    07-14-2018 01:29 PM
  3. davies677's Avatar
    I couldn't even find this app by searching it or on google, Proximity Lock is just what I needed, thank you.
    07-15-2018 08:49 AM

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