1. pcumming's Avatar
    Last few days I have not received any Google Play Store updates.
    Seemed strange to me.
    I have it set to Manual.

    Things I have done to try remedy this ASSUMING there is an issue:
    1. Airplane mode on/off
    2. Different Wifi networks at different places
    3. No Wifi, but allow download of updates via Wifi
    4. Wipe Phone Cache on restart
    5. Force Stop Google Play Store
    6. Wiped cache and data of Google Play Store
    7. Restart phone a few times
    8. Uninstalled latest version of Google Play Store v12
    9. Clicked on Google Play Store setting version and got it to update to latest version 12
    10. Downloaded 2 new apps and then deleted them
    11. Restarted phone.
    12. Ensured no critical apps are disabled.

    So when I go to Play store (set on manual updates) and click My Apps, I pretty quickly get the message of no updates available.

    This just seems curious to me.

    Do not want to reset phone.

    Thank you for any help
    01-03-2019 10:14 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Edit your posts and list a few (just a few) of the apps that you think should be updated, the date (from the bottom of the Play page) and the version number). Then someone with an S6 who has those apps installed can let you know if they've been updated. I'm running quite a few apps that haven't been updated in a few years, but they're still useful.
    01-03-2019 11:39 AM

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