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    I just replaced the battery. Before I screwed the front to the mid body I tested the phone for issues before closing/gluing it up for good.

    All worked except I notice an audible whine from test video recordings. This is heard both from the phone speaker and on headphones and I also opened phone videos on my computer and it can be heard on there also. I suspect that the issue lies with the phone mic(s).

    I proceeded to screw in the 13 screws thinking that once the parts were joined tightly it might go away... however it remains, although I do notice that the tone is ever so slightly weaker than when the screws were unscrewed. It is still very audible and annoying however.

    In old videos taken before the battery install there is an immaculately clear sound.

    Attached is a 10sec audio clip ripped from a video demonstrating the issue.

    Any tips on what the issue here is would be much appreciated!
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    02-28-2019 07:48 PM

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