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    Network says Samsung issue, Samsung says common network fault. Tried the following:
    - checked voicemail number in settings, if I miss a call & dial it the message is stored
    - turned off & on notifications for Contacts and 3 Phone apps in settings
    - reset the network
    - restarted the phone
    - took SIM out
    Still not working & missing voicemail messages.
    Also since changed networks the ring time before going to message is shorter which isn't helping either. Suggestions please!!
    05-03-2019 07:07 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Call your voicemail and listen to the menu. There should be a choice to set the time until the call goes to voicemail. Figure 5 seconds per ring, then add 2 seconds. (What you hear and what your caller hears may not be exactly in sync, so the extra 2 seconds.) Most voicemail servers have a maximum of 30 seconds (6 rings most of the time).

    As for not being notified, it could be the phone, it could be the network - there's no way to tell without a network engineer tracing the call as it comes in. (Some carriers will work that far with you, calling their tech support and having tech support calling engineering, some will just tell you it's the phone's fault. If you call them, most of them will tell you it's the phone's fault, to get you off the phone and get the report closed, so go into the carrier.)
    05-03-2019 12:40 PM

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