07-17-2016 10:44 AM
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    I can honestly say I have not had one hiccup or doubt on my S7 Active. Among the most bug free out of the box that I have seen in a while! I am sure there are some lemons out there, but I have been nothing but impressed with this device.
    Same here; no need or want to root or flash ROMs. has survived water and beer (2 friends decided to test it while i let it sit on the wireless charger... without asking...)

    I have had mine just a few days and so far no issues. I have a tempered glass screen protector on the way as well as a slim case. The case just because I feel better with one (probably just a placebo affect) and the tempered glass simply so ensure the screen stays flawless,
    TPU is the best for retaining shape (rubber does not) and shock absorption (rubber is better but does not retain shape long, silicone even better but even worse at keeping shape) OVERALL. Hard plastic not so much. Silicone is grippy but catches every bit of lint and stretches far too much.

    I just wanted to add that I too have had a very good experience. This is the first phone in a long time that will get me through an entire day without charging. I also put on a screen protector and am awaiting a Poetic case that I may or may not use. So far I have not a single complaint.
    Same. GF wants one now (iPhone 6 user) and shes on VZW, so SOL unless she switches.

    Add me to the list of those that are having an awesome experience. No better phone available to date. The battery is awesome. The build quality is extremely solid. The only thing is that a glass screen protector is a must. I usually don't use screen protector so I didn't want to start now but fortunately I got it cheap and it was placed perfectly so I'm a happy camper.
    Screen protector is cheap insurance to not scratch the polycarb screen and totally worth it IMO, same with a TPU case, and this is coming from a COMMITTED phone nudist (never bought a screen protector or a case before in my life) but i intend to use this thing everywhere. Battery life exceeds 5200mah Anker unit on an old S4 in real life usage, and i have more stuff enabled and turned on all the time on the S7 Active.

    Honestly, i expected WAY less battery life, and wonky stuttering performance with bloatware and touchwiz; i expected to return it and go back to the S4; after the first week there was no going back. everything works smoother faster uses less power and looks and feels better. Im not a huge fan of big phones, i was fine with the 4.0 inch screen on my old Moto Atrix 4G and LOVED the fingerprint scanner, i loved the balance of the smaller S4 with the anker battery as it stays in ones hand easier, but all around this is the best of all worlds.

    The 'gap' between screen and body is sealed; rinse it off with some hand soap and the dust, dirt, grime, or sand comes right off. ive rinsed it off in a sink, with a hose, in a creek, etc. It appears to be hard plastic on polycarbonate, both of which attract dust, lint, and sand as they all tend to have a slight static charge.

    The test in question is good ammo IF you need to RMA the device; i say use it, within reason, and dont worry about it. Samsung has never denied a warranty issue ive had (cosmetic bezel flaw in a Galaxy S3 that was apparently a casting issue, a single dead pixel on brand new S4 in 2013, and a suddenly malfunctioning GPS unit on S4 that turned out to be software, AFTER the unit was out of warranty they fixed it for free).
    07-10-2016 12:06 AM
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    What kind of glass protector did you get?
    07-16-2016 01:18 PM
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    What kind of glass protector did you get?
    Supershieldz 2 pack off amazon for $8. glass with hydro/oleo-phobic coating, great fit, cheap, don't care if i scratch it (which i wont anyways its to protect the OEM plastic screen from grit/dirt on fingers, i always keep my phone screen away from rocks keys etc).


    Disclaimer; i don't work for or receive compensation from any company related to mobile devices or accessories. My experiences, reviews, and opinions only.
    07-17-2016 10:44 AM
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