1. PLaBar's Avatar
    As some here are reporting the S7A screen can scratch easily I am going to get a protector.

    I never kept my old phone(s) in a case or protector, but doing a quick Google seems Zagg is a top brand.

    One forum I found had people reporting that the Glass product chips and scratches easily (even in mild use).
    These posts were 2014-2015, so I am not sure if the Glass product has been improved.
    They also report that the Glass is easier to install and is very clear, but does hold/show fingerprints.

    The HDX is plastic (I assume) and has some self-healing aspect (hum..ok)

    So HDX or Glass ? Thanks in advance - Phil
    07-15-2016 10:42 AM
  2. Phoneguy108's Avatar
    I don't know much about the glass but people love their Zaggs on their S7s
    07-17-2016 04:12 AM
  3. Slade8525's Avatar
    id go with glass; most glass screen protectors are damn near identical; some have hydro/oleo coatings, some dont. glass holds up better than polycarb or PE plastics. there is really negligible differences in most screen protectors anyways; most of them, from 1st party to name brand to no-name are all produced in the same facilities anyways, and its something thats basically disposable anyways, same with cases. Most the generics are identical clones to name brands, and provide the same experience and protection.

    ive worked with chinese companies and manufacturers; lots of no names are seconds or production overruns; moulds and materials are usually the same damn thing. they'll put your logo on anything you want.
    07-17-2016 11:28 AM

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